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Giving you holistic tools to move from overwhelmed and helpless to calm and engaged

Experience freedom from chronic worry and fear, freedom from sleepless nights and digestive troubles. Choose to move forward in your health journey.

Learn how to let go of the thoughts, actions, and behaviors that no longer serve you. Connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Reclaim your power and self worth.


Inner Explorer Yoga's mission is to passionately serve, working with you to identify the root causes of your health conditions, restore balance and vitality, and empower you on your health journey.

As a Mental Health Coach, Leilani applies individualized, patient-centered, science-based care during sessions with clients.

Through yoga therapy, stretch bodywork, breathwork, essential oils and Ayurveda, Leilani helps individuals experiencing health challenges bring balance and energy back into their daily lives.

Leilani provides you with a personalized experience by customizing your coaching program to meet you where you are in your needs and abilities. She also consciously creates a safe space for you during each session.


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